Writer’s Room

Will I be “famous” will I not

Is the question

And honestly you never know

And famous is also based off perspective

If I were to be a considered an “icon”

I would want to be known

For just being me

Where people gravitated towards me naturally

Because of my energy

And just wanted to have fun with me

And just vibe with me

It would be cool to have a show

Where I’m

Literally hanging out with interesting people

Like I could hit up someone I think would be cool to kick it with

And vice versa

I’m picturing a reality show

With no drama

Just good vibes

One of The first few people I’d invite to hang out would be Wiz Khaila

Wiz is literally a vibe omg

I can’t even explain. It’s one of those

If you know you know

It would be cool if Wiz hit me up


And do cool things

Rich things lol

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