Who do you become when you’re angry ?

Who do you become when you’re angry ?

If you were to watch a recording of yourself when you’re angry would you be proud of yourself?

Honestly I would be super embarrassed

If I were to watch a replay of how I treated someone because I couldn’t control my emotions

It’s not a kind thing to

lash out onto people

Become passive aggressive

Verbally combative

Physically combative

All these things

Are signs of a “grown” child who has the inability to communicate why he is upset

So essentially it’s the equivalent of

An adult temper tantrum

It’s really sad how we act when we are angry

It’s like we allow another being to take control of us

If you exhibit a lot of these behaviors when angry it might be time to self evaluate

Why is it you allow your emotions to Control you on such a negative level

Finding ways to handle frustrating situations is key to dealing with anger

It’s being able to quickly identify what’s truly trigging this emotional tantrum

And accessing if it’s something that can be corrected or has a solution

Most people lack critical thinking skills which is half the issue which is why

Why elevating from this low vibrating frequency hardly happens

People feel comfortable

With their anger

As if it makes them feel stronger

People like to hold onto that anger because it feels like it’s the only thing you can control

But the reality is the anger really controls you

Do you like who you become when you’re angry ?

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