Welcome to Erica’s BookClub

Welcome to

Erica’s Book Club

Reading most would agree is a lost art

Touching a book almost feels ancient

And mystical

Stories are one thing as humans we all have in common

Listening to stories

Sharing stories

And for those of us who dabble into unknown territories

Writing stories are some of the ways in which stories are passed on from generation to generation

There is a hidden beauty

And something magical about a story

It allows us to connect with something outside of ourselves, learn and appreciate


My goal with my BookClub

Is to share stories


Make you laugh

Make you reflect

Make you question yourself and your surroundings

Stories that entertain

Stories that scare you

Stories that motivate and inspires you

Stories that you just have to share with someone else so they aren’t left out of the fun

My vision is to share the gift of storytelling

With a group of people

Who want to see the world from my perspective and make a difference before they leave this Earth.

Welcome to my Literary community

Please don’t be a stranger

I want to hear your thoughts


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