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One thing I’ve recently started to notice is in this season of my life

People refer to me as creative

And for so long I’ve brushed it off

And deny the adjective

Because for majority of my life I was never heard those worlds

“You’re so creative”

And I guess maybe I wasn’t during those seasons of my life

I was always praised for being “smart” but I was simply doing what I was trained to do

Follow directions

It was until grad school

That I meant my supervisor

And she allowed and pushed me to be creative and think outside the box

She allowed me to be free

And never made me feel like my ideas where stupid

I always felt supported when I presented new ideas

Creating something out of nothing

Has been the most refreshing part of my life

As time as went on I have gotten more confident with my skills

But if it wasn’t for her leadership

And support

I don’t think I could have unlocked this version of myself

Being around people who see something in you

And believe in you

Is so critical to becoming the version of yourself you never thought possible

I makes sure I pay it forward and I inspire others to be the best version of themselves

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