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The Writer’s Room

The Writer’s Room

How do you feel about sharks ?

The StoryTeller🦋

I’m actually extremely terrified of sharks

To the point where I’ve had nightmares

About sharks

There is something so unnerving

About seeing that unidentifiable fin gravitating towards you

One would like to be hopeful and think it’s a dolphin lol but the odds of that are slim

Sharks are vicious


By design

Therefore I don’t blame them

And if you think about it from their perspective

You are in their territory and it’s fair game at that point

Which is why I hardly place myself in situations where I’m over large bodies of water

And now Jaws has the opportunity to eat a delicious chocolate meal

Sharks if you look closely

Are scary looking creatures lol

Honestly I think majority of animals are scary if you really look at them

These creatures breathe and eat

Similar to us but look so freaky looking

They get to live on this earth just existing not paying bills

Well not all lol

RIP for the extinct peeps lol

My point is animals are scary lol

I enjoy learning about them

But I don’t like them too close to me

Because at the end of the day

It’s an animal

And people get so flabbergasted when animals do animal stuff like eat you or rip your face off

Unlike most people I value my face


Something about the ocean is so terrifying

Yet inviting at the same time

Anytime I’m in open waters I have accepted

That I have given the shark home court advantage

And again you can’t be mad at a shark for doing shark things lol

The only sharks I like are the ones on Shark Tank that want to take a bite of my business

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