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The Writer’s Room

The Writer’s Room

What’s something you do after a stressful day ?

After a long day

And I’m talking about

You worked your full 8 hour shift 🙄lol

Kinda day

It’s raining outside

Your stomach is grumbling

And you just want to get home

You finally pull up to your home

Put the key in the lock

And you open up your cupboard

Grab your favorite mug

Depending how bougie you are

I don’t care

Judge all you want

I use tap water to fill up my boil(able )


Anyways lol 🙄

You turn the microwave on for 1:00 minute

And when I mean one minute

59 seconds

Because you don’t want to hear the annoying beeping

You grab your cup

Add honey pick your favorite

Green tea

Light a candle

And enjoy your nice warm cup of tea ☕️

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