The Writer’s Room

The Writer’s Room

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The StoryTeller 🦋

Chapter 17

After months and months

Of tears

Numerous Meltdowns

Irrational Fits of rage

And daily thoughts of quitting

She did it

She actually did it

Her first screen play

Was done

She never thought the words would come

Because she didn’t know what she wanted to say

What could she have to say that was so important ?

For months

She felt stuck

Like her dreams to simply tell her story would never come into fruition

Until the day

She realized her anger was no longer directed at her oppressor

But the fact she allowed herself to be oppressed

And she knew she had two options

Accept or Fight

And she had a warriors spirit

So accepting nothing but what she deserved was non negotiable

And she was ready to fight to end

And in that moment

The words flowed through her

As they always did when she was on the verge of creating art

And just like that

She wrote her first screen play

Now the easy part

Pitching it to Hollywood Lol

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