The Writer’s Room

The Writer’s Room

What has been your biggest self discovery ?

The StoryTeller 🦋

The “biggest” self discovery I’ve unfortunately uncovered is that nothing makes sense

And we’re all just making up ish

As we go

Like legit nothing makes sense

And when you question the nonsense

You’re made to be the crazy person

And the response you get is

Well that’s the way it’s always been

We put so much emphasis

On what other people think of us

Or being judged

We hate standing out

Because attention feels weird

It’s so crazy that people try to blend in

Rather than stand out

We legit were created to stand out

We are so unique

We hear random facts

That no person has the same finger prints

(Don’t quote me on this )

I’ve always wanted to stand out

Simply because the latter was boring

It bores my soul

To hear the same ol

I love to hear and see things that are out of the norm

Life is such a fascinating adventure

Once you get out of your head and just live

The life you’d want

Idk about anyone else but I’m the main character in my life

Since nothing makes sense

It crazy for me not to go after my dreams

Of turning books into movies

This idea came to me when I was in my 9th grade honors class

And I presented my project on the City of Bones

And I didn’t know then

That this version of myself

Would be bold enough to go after something

So taboo

And out there

But I will get the keys

To the Disney kingdom

On my own terms

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