The Writer’s Room

The Writer’s Room

What makes you nervous?

The StoryTeller 🦋

This whole Metaverse universe

Feels like a distraction

Kinda like everything else

What will be happening when everyone is focused on this virtual world?

I’m Nervous that people don’t care what’s happening

And it’s feels like I’m trapped in this reality

That doesn’t make sense

And nobody cares

Everyone is so worried about all the wrong things

And I can’t even be mad

That people imitate their programming

People by design are flawed

And don’t look at the bigger picture

I completely understand

We already live in a virtual world

But the fact

There is going to be this huge push

People are already so distracted

And so disconnected

It just feels we are isolating ourselves even further

And people are typically stronger in packs

Which I assume is the point

Watching all this unfold is uncomfortable

Because I know it will only be bad

But a gradual bad

You won’t notice

Until it’s taken over

Like a virus or an invasive plant

It’s sad

But The reality is Darwinism always wins

So sucks to suck

I just need to buy my land and move off grid


Nobody truly pays attention to all the craziness happening

To say this isn’t right

Rather we are so immune

And have accepted this

Circus and call it “life”

I refuse to play apart in this system

My time is valuable

And I want to spend it impacting the people who actually want to enjoy this one life we were given

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