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The Writer’s Room

The Writer’s Room

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The StoryTeller 🦋

Everyday feels like a constant struggle with feeling bad that I don’t have the extra energy to socialize as much and choosing to spend that time on myself. I truly understand that connecting with people is important but connecting with yourself is equally important

And one thing I’ve noticed is people distract themselves in the company of others because they are not comfortable being alone with themselves

This pandemic showed us

So much

Many people couldn’t handle the temporary social disconnect

Rather than taking time to reflect

Everyone was in a rush to get back to the busy noisy world

I personally felt the pandemic was one of the most eye opening moments for me

I personally feel I am in a season of growing and healing and

Being alone feels so peaceful to me

It takes a lot to convince me to come out of my bubble to feel the busy chaotic energy of the world

Also I don’t think anyone takes into account

Like the average person works 40 hours a week

And we literally only have 2 days to mentally “recharge”

Mentally and physically I’m drained

And it’s a fight trying to keep pushing through while also trying to encourage others

I choose to spend those days in solitude

To help realign myself

To mentally keep trying to break out of this rat race

It’s a lot going through this cycle daily

Trying to break free and reclaim my time back

And I feel bad I don’t have the same energy to hang out or chat all the time

But my love for my peeps always remains true

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