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The Writers Room

What profession do you think is undervalued ?

The StoryTeller 🦋

I am definitely saying this because I work in the field but education is so heavily undervalued. Teachers and educators are unappreciated and underpaid it’s actually insulting at this point. Dealing with people who refuse to critically think is mentally exhausting

All while being tasked to teach the next generation

School districts are not treated fairly

And Students don’t have access to all the same resources and knowledge other students do

Education is like this shiny goal everyone wants

But nobody truly puts money to ensure quality education can be given To the masses only the selective few

It’s disturbing how people don’t value


But yet everyone wants their kid to be “smart”

Society feels teachers are morally contracted babysitters. It’s unfair to pay people who are passionate to educate the next generation

Peanuts and expect positive Attitudes daily

One day things will make sense

And people will actually see how important education truly is

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