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The Writer’s Room 🦋

The Writer’s Room 🦋

Do you have any regrets ?

Honestly, I never liked when people give answers that I don’t feel are true.

I feel it’s normal and human to have regrets

Obviously how you go about those regrets is what separates the two.

I feel one should reflect back on their life

And analyze the choices you have made vs the choices that would have been more beneficial

Reflecting on the choices you did make

And how you can connect those two bridges

Because it’s never too late to tackle those regrets

While you still have life inside of you

What I regret

Is spending so much time

So much energy

On being liked

By others

I feel so angry when I look back at situations I put myself in

Because I didn’t know my true value

I get so disgusted at people who

Also didn’t see my value

And treated me with no respect

And I allowed it

I regret not valuing myself

As the prize from the beginning

But the beautiful thing about reflection and growth

Is you can change it

I no longer allow low vibrating frequencies within my presence

I am so protective of me

And my peace and energy

That I refuse to allow people to mess it


And if you somehow managed to disrupt my peace

Just know you have unlocked And unleashed the beast that lies dormant

ready to attack Anyone

That choose to disrupt the peace monster

I don’t play by peoples rules anymore

Because it’s stupid

I don’t do anything I don’t want to do

Because guess what I don’t have to

It’s my life

I regret wasting so much energy

Or the wrong people

And I truly wish I could get it back

But I will be grateful for the opportunity to learn and


And continue to evolve into the

Butterfly I am

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