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The Writer’s Room 🦋

The Writer’s Room 🦋

What’s something random that’s on your mind ?


Today I broke the secret

Code of why the Metaverse scares me

The metaverse essentially

Gives you the life

Life didn’t 😂

How ironic

How you just create the virtual life you’ve always dream of

It’s pure genius honestly if you think about it

And I am no longer mad at them

As humans

We were weren’t taught how to be content with our lives so we

Do everything to change how we were created

We spend all the money in the world to chase

A fantasy in our head

And this is why people get easily exploited

And yes let’s all agree it’s wrong to exploit people

But at what point do we hold people accountable ?

Like Forreal ?

This why your parents stress education

Knowledge is power

The more you know the more people can’t get over on you

Cuz I’m not stupid

Before I went to Thailand

I read that they are scammers lol

Because tourist don’t understand their currency

So off rip I’m like bet

I learned their currency

Had the app

And all to convert


I went to the store

She gave me back my change

And it was short

And I looked at her like she was Crazy

And she was like “oooohhh I’m so sorry”

And opened the register and gave me back my change

Because I don’t play that


People will treat you how you let them

Im not dumb so im not gonna let anyone treat me like such

So boss up

And read more

Stop being so lazy

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