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The Writer’s Room 🖊

The Writer’s Room

What do you think are some of the reasons partnerships fail ?

The StoryTeller🦋

Partnerships at any level fail for common obvious reasons

-One partner is too selfish

And only worries about how their needs can be taken care Of

-one partner allows the other to take on all of the burdens

(Example: chores, bills, parental guidance)

-being unable to communicate your needs

And thinking the other person is a mind reader

-lack of emotional intimacy

People forgot how to show up for their partners in a way that makes the other person feel alive

And not like they are in a 100 year stale relationship

-People forget how to just have fun with their partner

-People forget how to say thank you for the little things that you take for granted your partner does to make your life easier

People forget how to simply care for someone else in a loving way

Partnerships fail because people

Simply don’t know how to treat the good things in their life with appreciation

It’s important to treat all levels of partnerships with love, care and respect always.

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