The Writer’s Room🖊

The Writer’s Room 🖊

Is there anyone you can’t forgive?

The StoryTeller 🦋

Honestly, if I asked myself this question a month ago I definitely would have had an answer lol but now that I honestly feel what’s the point and I have so many other important things I could be using that energy towards I made the choice to stop being angry. It’s funny how that’s a choice we have the ability to make

It’s so much easier to be mad at someone

And blame someone for how we feel

Sometimes that anger becomes a part of us and we are scared we wouldn’t recognize ourselves without It

Slowly it becomes a part of our story

Until it doesn’t have to be anymore

I was angry for a lot of personal reasons

That anger was starting to consume my soul and I didn’t like who I was becoming. That anger was overwhelming and heavy on my spirit for so long. Until my spirit was on life support and we had to make the painful choice to live free and separate from that anger

when I realized I could harness that energy

Into power

My life miraculously improved

Writing has always been the way in which I could express myself clearly

I now turn my life experiences into stories

In order to process and teach others

Being angry is exhausting

Choosing to be happy is what I am focusing on

I wish this for others

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