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The Writer’s Room

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

The Writer’s Room

What is your most treasured possession

The StoryTeller 🦋

Although I am a believer not to store my treasures here on Earth, I’m sure that didn’t mean we couldn’t have nice things. One of my most treasured possessions I have is my Blue Topaz Cinderella bracelet. That bracelet is one my favorites for simple sentimental reasons.

Cinderella has always been a character that never really was one of my favorite princess because of her sad story and mistreatment but I felt I related the most to her story

I feel when I was younger I was placed into a similar situation. It’s funny how life often imitates art. I had a “wicked” step mom that would treat me so bad

The pain still haunted my spirit it wasn’t

Until recently my night terrors of the events stopped tormenting me in my sleep

She was so horrible to me

words can’t even describe the pain

she made me feel so invisible

and so unwanted in her presence

But of course like the story of Cinderella

I was of course rescued from that

Mental prison and have continued to live a emotionally healthy thriving life

Zales jewelry store

Has the Disney collection I absolutely adore and can’t afford lol

So my dad would get me the pieces I would hint I wanted

One afternoon I went in to fix my pendant

And while I was waiting

I walked over to to display case to view the new collection

And my eye was caught on this dashing

Bracelet with Cinderella’s carriage

And like a good sales man

He saw the glint in my eye

and he asked if I wanted to try it on

I knew I wasn’t going to buy it so there would be no harm in trying it on

And omg

When I tell you the way the silver and the topaz looked against my chocolate skin

I was in love

I had to have it

So I did what I always did when I wanted big price ticketed items

I texted my dad

A photo of the bracelet

And a month later

I was picking up my new gift

The day I lost my bracelet I was extremely sad

I searched everywhere

Called stores I visited

But my bracelet had vanished

The bracelet

It symbolized so much to me

Surviving such a horrible experience

Despite the hand I was dealt

So I did the unspeakable and purchased the bracelet myself

It will never have the same original connection as the first but it does hold the same emotional weight

It will always serve as my reminder

That dreams do come true

And your current situation isn’t your permanent one

Never lose hope

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