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What is your current state of mind ?

The StoryTeller 🦋

My current state of mind always seems to find itself in a frenzy mostly because of everyone else around me. I feel I never truly get a moment to be in a continuous state of peace because everyone around me is at such an unstable place.

It upsets and concerns me

That people aren’t willing to put in the work to better their circumstance

And choose the constant state of emotional or physical chaos

It’s become too overwhelming where I want to isolate myself from people

I don’t think I’m a bad person

But my spirit doesn’t do well with

Debbie Downers

And yes of course we know some sad stories can’t be helped

But if you look at the reality majority of people’s lives is shaped by selfish choices made by others or self inflicted

I feel I am surrounded by people who continue to choose wrong

Who continue to choose these sad depressing stories

When there are infinite other possibilities one could choose

I finally had to come to a hard realization that all the anger I held for people who did me wrong

Truly should have been directed at myself

Obviously it was their poor choice

But I allowed that person in my orbit

And I didn’t pay attention

Of course we like to see the good in everyone

But it’s foolish and naïve to believe people have the same heart as you

I had to learn from my mistakes

And take accountability for my part

Even when you’re ashamed

You allowed others to treat you with low value

But that’s because you didn’t truly understand your value

I feel when people start understanding their value

An internal revolution begins

But most people continue to operate at low frequencies and are too plugged into the matrix to see how draining they are to other people because they refuse to

Find love within

It’s overwhelming feeling for everyone all the time

And my spirit is tired of all this sadness being spread

My spirit is craving fun

That’s my current state of mind

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