Tequila Thoughts


She Slipped another into her cup

This conference was everything that drove her to drink

Everyone here was so pretentious it drove her nuts

Having to be fake

Having to smile in everyone’s face

Like everything was fine

Everything wasn’t fine

She was working 70 hour shifts at the hospital

Her fiancé had just left her

Because she “worked too much” and she was never “mentally presence”

This is what she heard her whole life

Since highschool

“She studied too much “ her bf’s would say

When she got to college

“It’s like you’re never have time for me”

And now as a resident

“You are always at the hospital “

Nobody understood what it was like to literally not have enough time

It kinda irritated her how

Everyone put Docotors on a pedal stool until

It came time to actually being a doctor

Who else was going to save that patients life at 2am on Christmas Eve?

People act like we ask for accidents to happen

And yes one could say we love our work

And enjoy improving our craft

Who else would dedicate so many years in school if not to be the best ?

So that you get to take your family member home

People never understood everything comes at a cost

And unfortunately

I did decide to pay the ultimate price

And give people the opportunity I never got to have your love one

For another day

She sipped another sip

Being at these conferences

No longer felt like learning with people who liked what she liked

Which was saving lives

These conferences felt so overwhelming to her

Especially during the holidays

If she wasn’t learning

Or with her loved ones

She didn’t want to be sucking up to anyone

Just to increase the dollar signs on her check

People didn't understand

Each dollar sign comes with a new obligation

And she was already tired

She just had to get through another 4 hours of everyone telling you where they went to medical school lol

she Had to find somewhere to hide

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