Tee Time

She wondered if he thought of her

It had been years but

She always ….

What does it even matter

She knew it didn’t matter

He was happy

She was happy

Every time she saw a red jeep

Her mind always goes back to one of her fond memories with him

She wanted a smoothie

And he picked her up and took her to Planet Smoothie

And as they pulled up

He Handed her a $5 bill

without hesitation

It was just so cute

She always enjoyed his company

It was a strong

Silent presence

But maybe they were too different

She couldn’t even get through

An episode of Breaking bad

Or Prison break

But he could stomach hours of greys anatomy

Maybe that’s why

It didn’t work

Maybe she was too selfish Back then

She was different now

He was different

Time had passed

And she wished him the best

*she watched as her ball

Soared through the air

Not that far though

She wasn’t that good at golf

She continued her 9 holes

As the memories came and went

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