Sorry To Bother You Review

My mind is completely blown after this movie I just watched

Like fried

Like I feel I legit had a nervous breakdown

I legit feel like I’m losing my mind

I don’t believe in coincidences

All these artist are sending messages

It’s so sad

That the message gets lost

Because we think it’s only entertainment

The message I see now for most has to be entertainment for it to be palatable

Because we hate the truth

It’s like a mirror of our flaws

And it’s disgusts us

When we look too close

I legit feel like I’m losing my mind

each day

Things make less and less


It’s legit like the Matrix

When you finally somehow get woken up

And you look around

And you’re like wtf wtf

We somehow convinced ourselves

That all of this madness is okay

Everyone has given up

And allowed the world to fall into shambles

The sad part is money isn’t the problem at the core

The core

Problem is greed

And the excessive need to be better than someone

To have more

More more

It’s disgusting what this world has come


It’s so scary being on this planet

Each day

Surrounded by people who don’t care about eternity

How do you fight demons

Who want to bring destruction on this earth

I know I keep saying I legit had a breakdown

And I just can’t get these images out of my mind

The irony of it all is

How we “choose” our own destruction in theory

The world is so blinded by the truth

It’s sometimes makes you think what’s the point

None of this makes sense

But the point is

it’s not too late

And we can change

So many many thoughts flooded my heart

Like I couldn’t leave the world

Like this without trying

And I might not save everyone

But what if I can save more people who would have perished

But how ?

I need to give the people something to hope in

Idk why God felt

I was the one tasked with this

But I’m gonna give it a shot

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