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Shark Tank Birthday Edition 🎂🦈

Shark Tank Special

Birthday edition 🎂

The Sharks

Laughing amongst themselves

*lights go off

*doors open

*lights go back on

Standing in front of the Sharks

Is a young woman

Named Erica

And she was ready for blood

This was a fight she wasn’t losing

She was leaving with a deal

Erica wanted to skip the sad sob stories

That she knew surely

Always pulled on the heart strings

Of Lori Barbara and Robert

And there was nothing wrong with that

She had watched every episode of shark tank

And she took notes on all the sharks

Because that’s what you did

When you were hungry

You study

From the best

To become the best

She took notes so when the day came where she would be standing in front of the sharks

She wouldn’t embarrass herself

And she wouldn’t leave empty handed

Like I said

This Erica was hungry

And it took watching people

Stand up there

And tell you their story

How they believed in themselves

Against all odds

When all the data supports it could fail but

It worked for them

Because they believed in themselves

And didn’t take no for answer

No meant

You needed to figure out another way to get a yes

She cried watching shark tank

Because of how inspirational this show became in her life

She rooted for the people who found the extra strength to say they weren’t going to accept the cards they were dealt

She knew money wasn’t the end all be all

But it sure of a hell was a start to the next chapter of her life

She wanted this

Erica pitched the idea

Of her book to the sharks

About an Angel who comes to Earth

To help a college student restore humanity

The angel gets a job at the girls university as an academic advisor and helps her win the pageant that could alter the faith of the Earth forever.

Mr Wonderful

“Is that it “

An angel who comes to earth ?

To help a college student with a pageant ?

He laughs with disgust

Let’s cut the chase

How much have you made in sales ?


*fixes a smile on her lips

And with the same Audicity the world seems to have

She said $0

All the sharks sat up in their chair

And laughed in unison

Erica stood before the sharks unphased

Because she knew how ridiculous it sounded

But she believed in the calling God had set before her

And she prepared for this moment

She repeated herself

Marc Cuban

So let’s gets this straight

You want a deal for


Because you believe this has the potential to be Disney’s next biggest collection

That will be added to the Valut ?


That’s correct

*All the Sharks laughed


Erica getting impatient

Knew she had to get straight to the point

She had to make them believe in her vision

And not because they felt sorry for her

But because they felt this truly was her calling

Erica explained

Simply the world is in trouble

And it’s cries are being filtered

Through all the distractions of the world

Everyone is walking around on either autopilot or angry

She was here to help

To become the beacon of light the people needed

In such dark times

Her mission here was far more

Important than money

But it is hard for the average human to separate the two

As we can only serve one master

Which do you choose ?

She hoped this would work

But of course

By her dismay none of the sharks bit


Said respectfully they are out

She thanked them for their time

And turned on her heels

Out of the door


*she heard footsteps behind her

She turned around

All of the Sharks stood before her

Daymond began

“Now we all agreed we can’t invest but we want to all offer the opportunity to be mentored by each of us to help get your message out”

*a grin spread across her lips

Like I said she was hungry

And wasn’t leaving without what she came here for

Stay Tune

For the next episode 🦈

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