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Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Doctor B

An apple a day to keep the doctor away or whatever B.S people like to say

She wondered what was keeping her from being a doctor

She had so many big dreams

What happened ?

She spent so many nights studying


Planning her future

She was ready to be called Dr.

But what happened ?

Why isn’t she a doctor yet?

Her head kept pounding

With thoughts of why

Was she stupid ?

A failure?

Was she not “medical school material”

Or was it her below 3.0 Gpa

That still haunted her

Taunting her telling to

Find a new dream

She never thought she could dream of anything bigger than being in the “medical field”

Because that’s what society led her to believe

What are you if you don’t have a fancy title ?

What how can you impress people if you don’t get to brag when they ask you what do you do?

People have been so conditioned and brainwashed

To accept

The only careers

That are “worthy” of praise

Are the ones that steal majority of your time and money

If you really look at it From a different lens

Working 100 hour work weeks

No days off really

Always on the clock

Sounds draining

All for the trade off for an on average salary

Of 70-200k

In theory sounds like a lot of money but

If convert time to money it doesn’t give back what people expect

I found a calling

That sparks a light in my soul

A calling that doesn’t pay me yet aside from a smile

And simply being proud of myself

Writing is my true calling

Sharing stories that

Inspire and Educate all at the same time

I Am going to help others break free from their mental Prisons

And dream again

Live again

Not being chained to a system meant to drain the life out of us

I won’t be a doctor in the medical terms of society

But I will be saving lives

One mind at a time

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