Save The Cat 🐱 Notes


Research other films are similar in your genre

Genre /structure

-story that surpasses expectations for genre


What Story are you trying to tell

*hero’s journey

When you meet the hero

They must do something for you to like them

Monster -supernatural power

House -monster are found in

Enclosed unit

Sin-someone is guilty of bringing the monster in the house

Character development

Have to like the person you go on the journey with

Scene where hero does something for example

( save a cat ) and we like them

What is the movie about

What do you say to describe it ?

Why take a chance to watch it ?

Set the mood




How will you get strangers excited ?

Log line -

Good - irony /grab audience

Who is it for ?

What will it cost ?

Title gives an indictator about what it is ?



Test marketing


Log line


Compelling mental picture-bloom in your mind when you hear it

Audience -target audience

What it will cost


Categorize -What is your movie most like

Helps you know what time of movie you’re writing

Growing pains stories

Who is the story about ?

What does the character want

The stakes ? ( real simple)

Who grows the most ?

Who offers the most conflict

Who is the most likeable-the one we want to see win

Identify with

Learn from

Reason to follow

Stakes that are primal

Log line -story’s dna

Hero’s story

Who he is

What he up against

Adjective to describe hero


3 acts

110 pages

Opening image

Sets tone

Theme stated -not the main character

Pose question

To main character

Remark the main character doesn’t get at the moment but will later

Argument posed


Is this worth it

What’s more important

What is it you’re trying to say

First 10 pages

Set up

-grab attention

Risk losing interest




Introduce all main character

Plant character traits

Showing why the character needs to change

6 things that need fixing

-show what is missing in the hero’s life

Flaws that will be exploded during the script

3 acts

Thesis (1-10) the hero’s world before

Sense in set up

That something must change

Catalyst -

Debate -must ask question

Example : can I get into Harvard ?

Question answered

Page 25

Act 2

What happens

Something big

Leave the old world

And go into the new world

The hero must make the decision to go to the new world

Choose to go

Page 30

B story

The love story

Theme of the movie


Example-elles relationship with the manacruist

A break

Meet someone new


Confined what is learning

Brand new character-introduce


Promise of the premise delivered

The core of movie

Trialer moments

answers the questions Why did I come see this movie

Lighter in tone

Page 55 -midpoint 75

Stakes are raised

False victory

Page 75

False defeat

All feels lost

Bad guys close in

Evil is not giving up

Hint at something dying

Old way of thinking

To become a new world and new life


How does the character feel about it ?

Yield to humanity

Beaten to get lesson

Hero finally figures it out

Act 3


New world order

Hero changed the world

In an emotional way

Page 110

Final image

Act 1 -25

Act 2 pg 25-55


Act 3 pg


Hero is active

Hero doesn’t ask questions

Others ask hero question

Show don’t tell

Movies are stories told in pictures

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