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Red Eye

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Everything felt like it was happening in slow motion

Everything was blurry

She couldn’t see

She couldn’t think straight

Nothing made sense

She felt like she was losing her mind

She was so angry

She was in so much pain

The tears stained her eyes

And stung

She spent the whole flight crying

Probably making everyone

Around her uncomfortable

But she didn’t care

How crazy she looked like to other people right now

Her world was crashing around her

Nothing made sense

She was on a plane

Because she needed answers

That he wasn’t giving her

And she wanted him to look her in the eyes

And tell her all of this wasn’t true

All the stories she was hearing

But she knew the truth

She just hope he respected

Her enough to tell it

When her plane landed

She got into her Uber

Tears stained her eyes

So much it burned

She texted him

That she was in his state

And she was on her way

She knew this all sounded crazy

Like everything

From the moment she bought that round trip ticket to Atlanta

To showing up unannounced

At his job

But she didn’t care how she looked

She wanted the truth

And when she pulled up to his job

Tear stained

And asked him if any of these rumors were true

He looked her in her eyes

And lied yet again

She knew in that moment she would never get the truth

He never even apologized to her

for all the pain he caused her …..

As the years went on

She silently mourned their friendship alone

because nobody understood

or cared what she had loss

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