Reality Warp 📸

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Life just was not what she expected

What did she expect


Another shift at the morgue

The night shift was starting to take a toll on her mind

She swore at night she heard whispers

And snickers

Were they laughing at her ?

She needed to clear her mind

She needed to feel alive again

The only thing these days

That gave her a little sunshine through her Stormy days

Was talking to Aiden

And today felt like a monsoon

She logged onto her Lynel


She Opened up the app and

Sent Aiden

*two eye emojis 👀👀

To grab his attention

She waited anxiously

For the message to be opened and

To see those little bubbles

*17 minutes later

Her phone lit up in her hand

Her heart began to race as she unlocked her screen to reply to his message

Aiden made her feel so alive

He was kind

He laughed at her morbid jokes

He made her feel like she had a life worth living

But she had been keeping a secret from Aiden and practically everyone

The profile she used …

Wasn’t really what she looked like

She found images she felt

Represented what she felt inside

And she created Lynel

Lynel was everything she wish she could be in real life

She was funny


She has cool hobbies

And she didn’t have a job she hated

Lynel represented everything she felt inside

But somehow never could present on the outside

She felt like herself when she talked to Aiden as Lynel

This was the relationship she always dreamed of

She wanted to tell Aiden

The truth but what if he stopped talking to her ?

What if he didn’t like who she really was ?

If she told him the truth

He couldn’t stop loving her right ?

Everything she told him

Was true in theory

She may not look like the profile picture

Or live that lifestyle she described

But she felt all of those things as if it were her life

So what was the difference?

He would see that it was still her wouldn’t he ?

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