Random Short Story Challenge 💭

Laurie was well known in the cinema industry. Her latest movie had just dropped internationally and was a box office hit per usual. Everything seemed to be going according to plan until she received a text from her mom asking for help ?

She rushed over to her mother’s Studio apartment only to find it empty and the door broken into by force.Although she had her reservations for calling the police she made the call.

While she waited for the police she

Went door to door asking if anyone when was the last time they saw her mother. The whole complex was in a uproar her mother was one of the kindest peoples so who could have done this.

As she made her way back to the studio

She noticed the woman in 3B

Rush into her apartment with such extreme haste.

Curious she followed the woman

And knocked on her door.

The woman in 3B opened the door slightly

Concealing her background and told Laurie she hadn’t seen her mother and shut the door in her face.

Laurie wasn’t stupid and felt the woman’s

Abrasive behavior was suspicious.

She decided to go undercover and wear a disguise to find any clues

That could help her find her mother

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