Random Short Story Challenge

The Writer’s Tool Box

From the day Liz was born she knew she wanted to be rich. With all the money she would finally be able to design her own library. In her Library she would be free to review all the books in the world.

But each day she felt her dreams were slipping from her … she didn’t know how to make her dreams a reality.

It wasn’t until Liz stumbled upon a book about how dancing changed the authors life. She wanted to feel exactly like what she had read

She wanted to learn how to dance too!

She knew “dancing” was different for everyone

She needed to seek out Irene the Temptress

The most revered fairy in the lands. She needed help and it was going to take a lot to convince her to take Liz on as an Apprentice. But she didn’t care how hard it was going to be Lis was willing to do whatever it takes to make her dreams come true even if the cost was her life. Anything had to be better than this empty feeling she couldn’t escape.

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