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What something that people don’t think about ?

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Managing your income really isn’t that difficult. The issue obviously comes from people not having a lot of income but wanting more than their finance allows. It blows my mind

people don’t make it a priority to save for unexpected expenses. Life is full of random things you can’t account for and having a backup plan will always help your future self not stress too much

Putting away 10-100 a check can add up

Saying no to things that are a want not a need

Can help

You don’t need to indulge in your every desire

But most people can’t do that

Because it’s always I need I need

When it’s really not a need it’s a want

You don’t need a lot of things

You want a lot of things and most people can’t separate the two

And these typically are the financially insecure people

Who constantly stress about their finance

I completely understand life is expensive

But also life is expensive when you’re living way above your means

At a certain age

It’s important to

budget and stay within your means

Saying no to wants not needs

And saving

Helps you live a comfortable life

Rather than stressing about finances

And now putting the burden on someone else

To come out of pocket for their hard earned money

People have poor money management styles

That they learn from their parents or from influences who also have a hard time with their finances

Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed of course

But tomorrow can be mighty uncomfortable when you don’t have enough to enjoy it even if you wanted to

I wish more people would

Learn to just stop and analyze their finances

And create a plan

To budget more effectively

And plan for their future

But most people live for today

And don’t worry about their future self

I always make sure my future self will be taken care of

But that’s the difference between

Me and others

And that’s why my stress regarding finance

Is how to make more money

To enjoy more of my wants

Rather than be over indulgent when I can’t afford it

It’s important to save

And build your future

and saying no to things that you really don’t need

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