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Nailed it 💅🏿

She wanted to do nails

She loved empowering women

To look like their best selves

When people left her chair

They had a little twang about them

She loved how

She could see the transformation

Of their energies from the moment they walked in to when they left her chair

She felt her purpose was to help people

feel good about themselves

She loved seeing the smile on her clients


When they examined her work

She was so proud of her art

It made her feel like she was changing the world one hand at a time

But society didn’t see that

If she didn’t major in something boring

That “pays well”

Then she clearly would never be “successful”

She hated her accounting classes

But she knew it would come in handy when she opened her own nail salon one day

Jokes on the world

She was going to do what she wants

Because she owed the world some beauty

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