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My Truth 📖

My truth is

I’m scared

Mostly because I never knew how scary life really was

I’ve always been protected

And after I left my home to go college

Life has really been different

I’ve had to learn a lot of hard lessons

I’m ashamed to tell my mom

Because it would break her heart to know what I had to learn the hard way

And we all know some of our moms don’t play about us lol

So I’ll keep some of this stories to myself

But some truths about me

Is I am on the pursuit of happiness

And I realized

It’s literally just living

And living life on your terms

And that’s it

It’s literally that simple

It’s not about chasing that next degree

It’s not about how much money you have

How good you look

Those are nice bonuses of course make no mistake

But they are exactly what they are bonuses

We like to tie. A lot of our personalities into material things to impress others

For what idk ?

And I’m tired of lying

I don’t care to impress anyone anymore

I’m a weird

Particular person

A lot of me doesn’t

Make sense just like life

I like to have fun

And good vibes attracts my spirit

It’s literally that simple with me

And I’m tired of pretending I’m anything different

To meet this boring societal standard

All these rules

And most of them are pointless

I’m so tired of pretending to be

More than anything

I feel inside

Inside there is this spirit dying to be free

And for the first time in my life I’m gonna let her

I’m the coolest person I’ve ever met

And I feel as humans you need to feel that

You are your own whole vibe

And it may not be for everyone

And that’s okay

That’s what makes you exclusive

And wouldn’t you want to be around the people who celebrated you ?

No more being scared to be you

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