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My Hero’s Journey

My Hero’s Journey

Sooo the more and more I research the hero’s journey to help create my story. I realize key characteristics that stick out in our daily life that we seem to ignore because looking too closely would break our own hearts.

In order for a hero to overcome

His journey

He must do so much

But most importantly

He must go through hell and back

And that hell can be metaphorical or literal

The metaphorical hell in my opinion is worst because you don’t even know it’s happening

You sometimes fall so deep inside that internal cave

Running in circles

Desperately trying to escape the voices

Telling you’re not good enough

You run gripping the walls

Hoping someone will come along to save you

But the sad reality is nobody can save you from you but you

The more you try to run the deeper you travel inside the cave

Lost forever

Tormented by your own voice

Sadly Only few escape this cave

The ones who escape

Use the light they had to find inside to come back for the others

I almost didn’t escape

It took everything inside of me to find a way even when all hope felt like it was lost

The walls that surrounded me

Felt suffocating

Each day

All I had to rely on was my hands

As they guided me along the dark

It took surrendering to the darkness


And accepting

The power that surrounded me

When I finally did that

Something shifted inside of me internally

Somehow I was able to see a small light

Without hesitation I followed the light

Until I no longer was surrounded by darkness

I escaped that cave with my life

But everything in me says

I have to go back

And bring others with me

As what good is it to have escaped knowing

That someone else is trapped ?

For the 2nd time I had to do the scariest thing

And trust that going back inside

The cave was my destiny and

There was no way I was going to leave other people behind

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