Mistress of All Evil Review Written by Erica Bodden

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Mistress of All Evil

Her name once evoked fear in the fairylands.The Mistress of All-Evil they would whisper in terror throughout the kingdoms. This book truly captured the pain, loneliness, and heartbreak Maleficent endured during her life. The author’s style of writing truly allows perspective to be given to characters who are painted as the outcast and typically receive no remorse. Their actions are no doubt treacherous and vile but before this series no one truly questioned what drove these “villains” past the point of no return? Maleficent‘s story left me feeling indifferent towards her character. Listening to her story I understand how she could’ve allowed heartbreak and disappointment to seal her prophesied destiny to become the Mistress Of All-Evil. However, also listening to her story I felt disappointed in her for allowing others to write her story for her and not choosing her own destiny. I believe we are all masters of our own faith. I feel her life could have ventured on a completely different path if she willed it. Overall, I was very pleased reading this book.

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