Mirror Mirror 🪞

Mirror Mirror on the wall

When you look at me what do you see?

The mirror didn’t respond this time

And every time she spoke to it

She knew she had been played by the merchant claiming of a magical mirror that would reveal your destiny.

She looked deeper into the mirror 🪞

But all she saw her reflection

Well she supposed what looked like her reflection

She stared deeply into the mirror

Also in a trace like state

*before she knew it

She was transported

Into her mother’s living room

She heard a girl sobbing

On the stairs

Her mother next to her

The girl had her college envelopes in her hand

As the tears poured down her checks

She watched the girl As the tears continued to pour

Frozen in this moment all she could do was watch

But everything inside of her wanted to reach out and hug the girl

And tell her it’s going to be okay

That she will figure it out

And not to lose hope

But she was frozen

Would she be lying to that younger version of herself if she told her everything would be okay ?

Wouldn’t she be lying ?

Because everything wasn’t okay

How could it be ?

Before she knew it she was back in her room

Staring back into the mirror 🪞

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