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Lost Souls Volume 1

Her fingers bled once again after another 10 hour straight practice

She wiped the blood off the keys and began where she left off

She was going to get this piece right if it was the last thing she did

This was her ticket out of this place

She wanted to be among people who understood her

Who appreciated the magic her hands produced

She needed to leave this town and forget ….

Tears began to flood her keys

She finally paused

With no music filling the room

And nothing but the Air conditioning humming in the background

She could feel her heart racing


What was she going to do tomorrow night if she didn’t earn her spot ?

How many more years will she feel humiliated

Was it time to give up this pipe dream ?

How stupid could she be to believe she could be a professional pianist?

All these thoughts racing through her mind

Making her feel light headed


Was the only thing she could force herself to think to block all the negative thoughts coming in all at once

She was going to step on that stage tomorrow

And she was going to play as if her life depended on it

Because at this point

It did

She was going to play the melodies that filled her soul

She was going to let others feel what she felt when her hands touched the keys

Quitting was not an option

Not now

She sacrificed too much

She wiped the tears from her face

Smudging blood on her cheeks

she adjusted the sheet music

Sat up straighter

And played

As if her life depended on it

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