Lost Souls

Updated: Oct 31, 2021


she told herself

As her fingers stroked the violin in her hands

Her fingers bandaged and sore

Playing through another 7 hour practice

She had to get this piece right

Her audition was coming up

In order to keep her spot on the tour

Her reputation was already in shambles

Her home life non existence at this point

It truly felt like the whole world was falling apart around her

But she kept her focus on tomorrow

Because she knew even if the world was falling apart

Her violin knew her

Her violin would always be there to comfort her

music flowed through her soul

With music she felt she could always take on the world no matter what was going

Her spot on this tour was non negotiable

She was earning that spot again

Because she knew she never wanted the music to flowing

She was earning that spot tomorrow was all that she kept replying through her mind

As her melody filled the room

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