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Lost Souls

Chapter 17📖

Legend has it your hearts desires are granted if you make a wish at 11:11 ✨

It’s 11:11 ⌛️

Perfect time to wish upon a star

But what would wishing do?

What could it possibly change ?

He still wouldn’t notice her

Like every cliché book she read

How did she find herself

Pining for this man?

She didn’t know how to move past these aching unrequited flames that scorched her soul.When she looked at him she saw a dreamer. Someone who understood greatness comes at price of disciple and patience that most aren’t willing to pay. Someone who would carry the world on his back if that meant they could rest. He mirrored everything she valued.

The more she looked at him

The more invisible she felt.

She couldn’t shake these feelings

When she looked at him she also felt

Ashamed because what was the point if she knew it could never happen…

But what if …..always crept in the back of her mind

She couldn’t help but imagine if she did use that wish what could that change?

*she closed her book

She didn’t want to be like the character in the novel

Always wondering

What if she did something ..rather than just wishing on a star

She thought of the quote she always used when she knew this could be a good or bad decision

“You miss every shot you don’t take”

Right ?

She was going to text him how she felt

This was perfect !

Then there would be no question on how she felt

Her feelings would be out there

And maybe finally they could be together like she envisioned !!!!

*sends text *

5 days later ………

No response

Moral of the story

Choose people who choose you

No response is a response

Remember Don’t double text lol

They got the message

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