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Lost Souls

Filling up another popcorn box

Was becoming so second nature to her she wondered if she would ever leave this town and be amongst people who understood and appreciated her

Until then it was ringing up another order for another family hoping to “connect”

By bringing their wild disorderly children to ruin yet another movie for other guests

She hated the smell of popcorn after working here for two and half years

The buttery smell of kettle clogging her mind

was starting to become stronger than her will to leave this place

How could she leave ?

She didn’t have enough money

She had no plan

Even after working all of those double shifts

she was only able to save enough money to buy a one way ticket to ….

There was no point

What would she do if she got to leave ?

She never got that far in her fantasy

She was tired after her long shifts

Too tired to dream of more

But she knew more was out there

All she needed was a little bit of help

Until then the popcorn machine needed a deep cleaning

And it was her turn again 🙄 go figure

In the corner of her eye

She noticed a woman in a brightly colored two toned suit and

Bedazzled sneakers

Handing the clerk her movie ticket

The woman gracefully proceeded past the ticket clerk

What an odd attire to wear to the movies she thought

She couldn’t get the image of the woman out of her mind…something about her just kept drawing her back in …

*She had to get out of here

She just needed a little bit of help is all she kept thinking 💭

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