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Living My Truth 🤫

I genuinely and whole heartily believe life is pointless

Obviously unless we give it meaning

Again which is all subjective

But that’s a rant for anther day


I will definitely get a lot of flag for this

But we all need to keep a buck

We are all liars

We lie to everyone

And most importantly we lie to ourselves

Everyday we lie

Living a life we don’t want to

All for what ?

Wasting time

Time is so precious

The most important gift we have ever gotten


We choose

And I mean literally choose to throw it away

Why do you think

The 2nd ultimate punishment

Is jail

They lock you away in a cage

And steal your time

And you literally remain stagnant

Unless you choose not to

While time still goes on

Without you

Like I said an ultimate punishment

However the irony is

Even though people are not physically in “jail”

We somehow still place ourself in our own personal cell and the funny thing

Is it is designed by your choices

Choice is another funny concept

We literally have the ability to choose to literally do whatever we want

And yet we still choose not to do what’s in heart

Because of ???

Others people’s judgement ?

And expectation ?

So again we lie

We go through a life we hate and complain

Essentially handing away our precious gift of time

Well I’m tired of lying because it’s a heavy

And pointless

Weight to carry

I’m gonna start telling my truth

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