Nobody understood the pressures that came along with being a “legacy” child

Both of my parents attended Harvard

So it’s only natural they would expect

Not hope

Their only child to attend as well

It’s been mapped out for me since the day my ears only understood gogogo gaagagga

To “havards future alumni”

It’s all I’ve ever heard my whole life

I am so scared to tell my parents

The truth

I didn’t want to attend their precious school

I wanted to do something different

I wanted to plan my own life

I wanted to study creative writing at the University of Miami

But I knew ….

My parents would have a literal and I’m not exaggerating a literal heart attack

If I said those words out loud

“A state school “

They would retort with disgust

Even tho technically UM wasn’t a “state school”

Since it was a private school

Similar to how Harvard is a “private “ school

Arguing about


Would be pointless of course

Because all they would hear

Is I threw away my “perfectly planned”


And how ungrateful I was

To be wasting the opportunity

Blah blah …

Trust me I know the speech

My cousin

Isabell got the speech from her Yale Alumni family

When she decided to study

At Oxford

You could feel the disgust in my aunt and uncle

When she told them at Thanksgiving Dinner

They even went as far as to cut her off from her trust fund

Until she “came to her senses”

She never did

And she went on to study at Oxford

Could I be as brave ?

Risk my trust fund ?

Nobody understood

My pain

All they saw was a rich girl

With rich girl problems

And maybe people would be right

But did that make my issues any less real ?

I didn’t sign Up to be a living doll for my parents

I wanted my own life

And maybe risking it all

Was the way to do that

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