Latasha’s Lab 🧪

Latasha’s Lab 🧪

Lonely Scientist Thoughts 💭

She stumbled upon one of those annoying Survey questions while trying to do further research on today’s experimental trials

The question was simple but yet

It stirred so many emotions within her

“What is your greatest fear”?

She read and re-read the question again and again

What did she fear ?

When the answer finally came

It stung her heart

She feared a couple of things

She feared never being able to save her sisters

She also worried what if they didn’t want to come back ?

She missed her sisters so much

She was so lonely without them

Nothing felt the same anymore

Everyday felt like she was just going through the motions

She missed listening to her sister

Share the stories she was writing

She missed going to her sisters soccer games

And cheering her on

Even if she had no idea what was going on

She even missed when she would come into her lab unannounced and

Play around with her soccer ball

Destroying her expensive lab equipment

She missed them so much it hurt

She closed the survey question

Today was feeling like one of those overwhelming days again

How much longer could she endure the emptiness that filled her heart

She just wanted her sisters back

She spent another night crying in her lab

Wishing the pain would cease

Wishing she could have her sisters back

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