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Latasha’s Lab 🧪

Latasha’s Lab 🧪

Lonely Scientist Thoughts 💭

Yesterday she celebrated her birthday for the first time in years since the incident. She didn’t know how she would feel actually celebrating something and being jolly for a change. The Christmas holidays mixed in with her birthday always put her in a Grinch/Scrooge like mood.

She didn’t like to celebrate this day or a lot of days really.

Sometimes she thought was the point?

Each day always felt like it was filled with troubles waiting for her

Something to go wrong

Someone to need something from her

Her energy always felt drained by other people

Not because they were all bad energy vampires but She knew there wasn’t a lot of positive energy going around and energy vampires took what they could get

She missed her sisters

Celebrating this day without them

Always felt weird

Because she was here

Alive …..and they weren’t

Well not alive in the technical sense

She suppose

Like her Uncle Walty

Her sisters slept

Patiently waiting for her to wake them up

One day

One day

Would come soon

She would make sure of it

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