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Latasha’s Lab

Latasha’s Lab

Lonely Scientist Thoughts 💭

Lab Observation 1

She didn’t know what it was

She couldn’t put her finger on it

She ran experiment after experiment

Each time she got the same results

It was frustrating

And she was beginning to lose her patience

One of the warning signs

Of a Scientist meltdown

On the horizon

Patience had to be our main thing

Who else could cross pollinate pea plants if not a patient person lol

She knew it was frowned upon in the science community to use yourself as a test subject

But she needed to understand why she was so different

And so misunderstood

Was she the one who didn’t understand herself ?

How could she expect others to get her if she didn’t get herself

She wasn’t the normal quirky different that majority of people were

She was ….

It was so hard to put into words

And maybe only she would be able to understand herself

It would be cool to have someone

Who genuinely understood me

She was lonely

That’s when it hit her !!!

She was going to the lab 🧪

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