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Latasha’s Flower Shop 🌺

Her hand smelled like fertilizer

Like it always did

Another day planting yet another beautiful flower

Her family owned the largest flower factory in town

And it was tradition

Everyone went into the family business

She would always hear everyone say

How hard granddad had worked

So we had to

“Keep it in the family” and build generational wealth blah blah ….

She watched game of thrones

And saw what “keeping it in the family” meant to them lol

So let’s say she wasn’t reluctant to change her narrative

she didn’t want to plant flowers

Or sell them

she wanted to rap

She wasn’t the best by any means

But she was nice

She liked the way

she felt when she rapped

She felt free

And happy

When the shop was closed

She would play Drake & Future

On the speaker

It would be her wildest dream

To be on stage rapping

With them

She didn’t even care if they turned on her mic

She just just wanted to feel heard for once

Like her dreams mattered

But her family would never support that

She was the only child

And she had to take over the family business

Or did she ?

Crept in the back of her mind

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