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Updated: Dec 24, 2021


Nobody understood the pressures he dealt with on a daily basis

If it wasn’t football

It was women lol

And yes one could have more extensive problems

But he literally did live life every guy dreamed about

And the girls adored him

He didn’t like to brag but he like to state facts

He was chocolate

6 2

217 lbs

He was a lawyer

Public defender to be exact

Oh and he was also in the NFL

And not bad on the eyes

He legit lived a life Straight out of a playboy magazine

Life had always

Come easy to him

Again not to brag but to state facts

He always had straight A’s in school

He was always captain or president of all his teams and club

He was the littlest in his fraternity

He was that guy

When was on campus

Life was good

Life has always been good and simple

Until he met Emiko

She was the first person

In so long

And again this was not to brag

But state facts

she was the first person not to be impressed by

Who he was

I know it sounds bad

But it was true

He was baffled


She never even brought up

That he was in NFL

Or about his college days

Or that he was lawyer who owned his own law firm

Literally dedicated to help the under represented population

And again not to mention he wasn’t too bad on the eyes

He didn’t understand

This girl

But it intrigued him

He was in the VIP section


Enjoying the views

When he watched her walk in

He usually didn’t get like this

But his heart stopped watching her stroll in

She looked stunning

He watched her move through

The crowd to the center of the dance floor

And everyone surrounded her

It’s like the crowd moved to her beat

Damn she could dance

He watched the same punk

Who was always hanging around her

Come up and dance with her

Something started boiling inside of him

He usually didn’t get jealous

He watched their bodies

Collidied together

He wasn’t gonna take anymore of this

He signaled for the DJ to change the song

And just like that the song was changed

And they separated

He smirked

Like he said he was that guy

And he wasn’t going to let some college kid stop him

She was going to be his

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