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Farewell My Friend

He watched her come home

With a look he was all too familiar with

He knew that look in her eyes

It was how she looked when she came home from another long day

He watched her put her hands over her face

And he watched tears

Flow down her face

He wish he could do something

Say something

He wanted her to know he thought she was amazing

Strong and kind

He watched her everyday for the past two years

And loved her every moment that passed

Even when she forgot to feed him some days

He knew she was just tired from what

He heard her refer to everyday as the “rat race”

He remembered being stuck at that awful

Store where time didn’t seem to move

But his life changed when she walked into the store that day

He watched her examine all her options

And when their eyes locked

He knew he would be chosen

He knew he finally would have a home

From that day

He loved her

And he knew she loved him

When she had that look in her eyes

From another tiring day

He wish he could splash around and let her know

She is a winner in his book

*she walked over

Picked up his food

And opened his tank

She sprinkled his flakes evenly

She whispered to his tank

I love you Lauren Blake II

#Swim in Peace 🐟

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