Experiencing Life With E☁️


I am proud of myself for a little win

If you know me you know any minor inconvenience

Truly Irritates my spirit

And so today I decided to go to the car wash to treat myself

I paid $10

Got a simple car wash

But what I really wanted was to vacuum the inside of my car

And of course the vacuums weren’t working at the car wash place

So I said OK cool I won’t let this angry me

So then I saw a nearby gas station and pulled over

And I proceeded to pay the dollar 50 to vacuum

My time right now OK cool I didn’t realize it was on a timer

So I went digging for another $1.50

And again my anger level wanted to be tested again

The machine took my money and the vacuum did not come on

I took a deep breath in

I said OK cool

I will not let this anger me

Luckily I was already mostly done

So I decided to just go inside the gas station get some orange juice to treat myself

And I way home

I’m really proud because normally all of those little things would’ve set me off

But I decided what’s the point of getting angry there’s nothing I could do to change this right now

And decided to focus on what could I do right now

And so I got a smoothie

and it made me feel good 🙃

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