Experiencing Life with E☁️

Experiencing Life with E

Right now my brain

Is moving at wrap speed

Stressing me out

Because it’s scared and worried

Honestly you have to give it up to your brain

For always doing it’s job to protect you

And forgive it when it’s over stressing you

Our brain likes patterns of familiarity

It makes these connections

To identify threats and danger

It’s wants to be safe

I’ve spent so many years

In my career being told exactly what I need to do

And honestly I hated the routine of this because it felt mundane

But I appreciated knowing what metrics I had to meet in order to be successful at the job

I appreciated the order and structure but

I complained so much about my old job

Now I’m in a position

Where I have even more autotomy.

And I just feel like I’m failing everyday at my new job

Idk what I’m doing

Im scared because idk who to turn to for help

All these negative thoughts are running through my head

I’m worried about my performance

My financial income now

And my level of comfortability

Is out the window

This is a huge learning curve

For me

And a true challenge

the old me would have folded under pressure

This new me tho

She is freaking out

But she is always thinking of an action plan

I am stronger than I give myself credit for

And I will forgive this out

I have the opportunity to change lives

And help people find career paths that can help them live a comfortable life

And honestly that makes me happy

To know someone can be okay

And not be out here struggling

Each day I will fight to make sure I can help people live a life worthy of their time

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