Experiencing Life with E☁️

Experiencing Life with E

Q☁️What is something you’re excited about?

So I am really excited about my upcoming spring break at work!

It sounds funny saying that


But the perks of being paid lower than other professions

Is all the holidays off

And Paid holidays

That you are not using your PTO for

And anyone who understands the corporate world could appreciate how beautiful that sounds

So I feel I’ve only had like two cool spring breaks in my life

So this time I have a little change to spend

And I am not going to waste this time

I want to live life

Doing fun things I want to do

With or without people

I genuinely have a lot of fun when I’m alone lol

I am enough for me lol

So I booked my first professional makeup session ($120) lol

I had to think so many times

But then I’m like F it

Book club is ready to go to the next level

And I also booked my session at this selfie studio my FBI agent found for me

(I really appreciate them sometimes lol )

Because when I saw this place I instantly knew I had to go

It’s so me

And of course that means book club needed new clothes

Yeah I went crazy and I’m so ready

I just feel so excited because

Honestly nothing excites me anymore

Not it a morbid way

Or maybe it can be I suppose

Everything is pointless lol

And we literally are just doing stuff

To entertain ourself or just run the clock out

It’s pointless to me in the sense everyone spends so much time living on this hamster wheel doing stupid shit

And not truly living the life we want

And it’s exhausting being around so many life less zombies

Who only want to bring you to the land of the undead

I want to have fun

And be happy

I no longer crave the things I thought

“I wanted”

When I look back at my choices I made them based off how they would look to other people

I get so angry thinking of the time I wasted

But then I forgive myself because this is how we were programmed

I also have accepted

You have to let the undead do their thing

And you separate yourself

And do you

It’s so much more freeing

For the first time I feel like I can finally breathe

I really hope these pictures come out fire 🔥

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