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Updated: Mar 9

What’s the coolest thing that has happened to you ?

So my real peeps know how much I am a fan girl over Quincy Brown. Without being too dramatic that young man is literally a work of art. He is a whole vibe lol


He has this song me time

And it’s my absolute fav song

Because it’s exactly how I feel

I like to be alone

And just exist

Being around people is exhausting honestly

I don’t like to sound like mean

But the ugly truth is

People don’t know how to entrain themselves

And are so scared to do the hard work

So these are people constantly buzzing for attention

It’s draining having to talk to people everyday

There are literally days where I don’t feel like even speaking

There are days when I don’t even want to be with myself lol as crazy as that sounds

Some days I just want to be

And that’s it

But people take everything personally because of insecurities within themselves

I like me

And I like being alone

So I can think

Regroup and

Improve the person I am on this earth

Unlike other people who only focus on their life on this earth

I am preparing my soul for its next destination

Because this is a temporary place

I work on elevating my mind


To be the best version of myself


I posted on my IG story with the song me time

And tagged him

And he reposted me

I just couldn’t believe it

My spirit could rest easy that Quincy Brown saw my face on planet earth

I literally had to call my best friend’s job to interrupt her work

To let her know I made it lol

I couldn’t focus for the rest of my shit at work that day lol

Because I made it

Qunicy Brown

Saw my face and reposted it on his page

It was just the coolest thing

Because I’ve been a fan girl for a while

And that was my first true celebrity interaction

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