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Experiencing life with E 📖

Q:💭 What profession do you think is the most undervalued ?

A:⌛️ Obviously education

Education is not treated equally and it’s not fair but that’s life

Teachers are expected to

Be baby sitters




Unlimited energy resources to build students up

All for less than 50k a year

And people who like to say well

“They made that choice”

Truly irritate my spirit because

Because anyone who has had an amazing teacher can say they definitely don’t do it for the peanuts they make

Teaching is a calling

And for another retort

If they didn’t do it

Who would ?

Everyone wants their kid to be smart

But on average the resources to help teach that child

Is suppose to all fall on a teacher ?

This pandemic has shown

That teachers have been carrying so much of a burden of helping raising other people’s children

And again it’s not fair

To expect so much

And pay so little

Teachers are my heroes

And they deserve all the respect

In the world

I wish their pay could match their heart banks

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